Unplug for a day
Monday, April 24, 2017 at 12:47PM
Unplug for a day.  Your screen-free options are endless.  If you are stumped for ideas of what to do, we have come up with a few activities to do as a family.  Whatever you do, do it without electronics and see what fun conversations emerge.

Plant a Garden 
Being outside in the fresh air has amazing health benefits.  This miracle grow garden @Target is only $14.99.

Gardening offers wonderful and amazing opportunities for kids to play, learn and grow! Some benefits include: engaging the senses (touch the seeds and dirt, see the vibrant colors and amazing scents), encourages healthy eating and teaches responsibility.

By gardening together you can start a spring tradition that can carry into adulthood.  Talk to your family about what  you would like to grow!

Go on a picnic
Outdoor or in — it doesn’t really matter. Just the change in pace from everyday life will make it fun for everyone! Let everyone pick a favorite snack or food.  Pack a fun colorful blanket, a ball, bubbles and maybe a corn hole set and enjoy the day with your family.

Family Game Night
No matter what games you play, the simple fact that family game night forces you to spend quality time interacting with your kids can help contribute to all sorts of positive outcomes for them.  The most important thing is making amazing family memories:).
There are games for every age group.  Some of our favorites are Jenga (good for motor skills),  Apples to Apples, Monopoly and Euchre. 

Make Dinner Together
Pick a recipe from Pinterest and make the meal together.  It doesn't have to be a difficult recipe.  Try something like tacos and give everyone a job.  Blast some music while you cook and enjoy.
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