Tips for getting your kids time and schedules organized for The New Year!
Tuesday, January 10, 2017 at 11:26AM

The New Year brings new and busy family schedules! Mommy Magic has tips for getting your kids time and schedules organized for 2017!

1. Start the New Year off right by teaching your kids (of all ages) to take responsibility for managing their time and helping them manage their schedules. Here are some great and affordable time management tools that can help (Props)

2. Family communication- with busy lives and busy families it's imperative that everyone knows what's going on so that schedules are kept in track. Here are a few home base communication tools that can help!

3. For techy families, here are a few amazing apps to keep your family on track in 2017!

-Google Calendar App ( for multiple calendars you can add family members so they can access the schedule to know what is going on.

-Cozi App ( -Great for managing activities, there are  color coded calendars for keep track of everything.

-Apps to use to declutter - Artkive (free to download, with additional fees) is an app that lets you digitally archive your child’s artwork so you don’t feel guilty about tossing the original. 

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