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Meet Mary Susan

"Welcome to Mommy Magic! An interactive community of real moms, founded by a real mom, to give support and tips to make the chaos of motherhood easier and more fun! I am Mary Susan, an author, a columnist, a life coach for moms and a I have Mommy Magic TV segment too! Most importantly, I have three beautiful (and very busy) daughters! I am a real mom managing the daily insanity of motherhood just like you!"


Halloween Costumes for Mom’s…SCARY!

Okay, so Halloween is closing in. As mom’s, you know that Halloween costumes and the holiday now in general is MAJOR! Since my own birthday is actually on Halloween, I am a big fan of all the Halloween festivities – the prepping for the costume, carving pumpkins, hay rides, all of it takes me back to when I was a kid. That being said, I love the entire costume thing. It may sound silly, but isn’t Halloween the only holiday we as adults can join in at the kid level for fun? I happen to think so. So much in fact, that we host a Halloween party for kids and their parents every year. In my family, the tradition is my kids get to pick out my husband’s Halloween costume. My girls think about it for weeks, giggle about it at night as we get their pj’s on – the anticipation of what their Dad is going to dress up as is almost as fun as seeing him in the actual costume. Then, the eventful day comes when they all go to the party store and pick it out together. My husband has gone as a sumo wrestler (you know the zip up costume), a cowboy, a pirate and this year….Elvis – jumpsuite, wig and all. It is a tradition for our family and it is loads of fun. With that, I thought I would get in on the action. Always spending so much time running around getting my 3 girls costumes “completed” I never seem to find the time to get a fun costume to wear myself and as the “mom” there is no specific event to pick out one for me. Bitter about it??? NO…empowered by it… temporarily. So feeling empowered and satisfied that I am going to wear something other than my staple witch’s hat this year for our Halloween party, I venture into the local party store. Pleased with myself, I start scanning the wall of options only to quickly realize that Halloween costumes for women have changed over the past few years. As I pace the aisle in disbelief of my options, I am wondering have I really gotten old or are these costumes trashy? I mean, as a mom of 3 little girls, I wasn’t looking to be a smutty nurse or a “bad” cop. The witch selection has even gone “R” rated. This is a “PG” family party for goodness sake, I am not trying to pick up at it or anything. When did trashy, boob poppin’ out of the costume go mainstream for mom’s during Halloween? Standing in the aisle, obviously talking out loud to myself about this issue, my 6 year old daughter gives me a word of hope. She exclaimed, “Mom, you shouldn’t wear one of these costumes (I almost told her to cover her eyes as we glanced at the variety of them). Feeling for a moment that she understood my plight, she continued with, “You should just wear Dad’s sumo wrestler costume from last year.” Perfect….just what I needed to hear…I pulled myself together and walked out of the store with my chin up having decided to wear my trusty witch’s hat again this Halloween. That is until some smart mom starts making great costumes that are not size 4 and under and actually covers my cleavage.

Share your Halloween costume stories! Please blog about them!


Motherhood: A Marathon, Not a Sprint!

There is a reason why in an airplane, they tell mothers that in the event of an emergency, they should secure the oxygen mask over their own mouths first, and then assist their children. It might seem selfish, but if the mother is gasping for air, how in the world is she ever going to have the right mind to help her child? Not to beat a dead horse, but if we as moms are healthy and happy, we have a better chance of guiding our children and family in the same direction. So with that, the “Mommy Magic” here is to treat motherhood as a marathon, not a sprint. Take lots of water breaks along the way and take care of yourself!

What are some of the ways you find to take care of yourself and recharge your battery as a mom?


Dare To Dream

Most people spend more time and energy planning a two-week vacation than they do establishing a vision for their own life. Take me, for example: I spent more time planning our family trip to Disney World than I did studying for any college exam. There was so much to figure out! I had to decide where to stay, map out the monorail schedule from the hotel to each theme park, get Fast Passes for various rides (and time them with the precision of a military operation to ensure that we’d have enough time, after using the Fast Pass for the teacups ride, to race across the park and use our Fast Pass for Mickey’s PhilharMagic). Don’t even get me started on how you have to call three months ahead to get a seating time for Cinderella’s Breakfast in Cinderella’s Castle. Don’t get me wrong—I love taking my kids to Disney World. I’m truly awed by the magic they create. But my point is, shouldn’t we invest at least as much time and energy planning our lives as we do planning a family trip?

Believe it or not, there will be a day that we are not slinging hash all day for our kids. It might sound like an eternity away, but there will come a day when there are no more runny noses, no more diapers, no more coloring books. And when that day comes, we, as moms, will have to face ourselves. The question is, will we like what we see? Odds are, if you haven’t taken time to dream, and to pursue your own passions—even when your kids are still young—the answer might be no.

Do you have a dream or passion that you would like to take time to explore? If so, what is it?


Mommy Humor

So here is a bit of mommy humor. What is mom humor or humor on motherhood, you ask? Well, it is funny and not funny all at the same time. Can you relate? One of my favorite topics for mom humor is talking about perfection. Of course, perfection is an illusion. Some women have trouble admitting that trying to “appear” like everything is perfect isn’t exhausting. Other women make a career complaining about how tough motherhood is day in and day out. In my opinion, the magic is realizing that there are moments of perfection. Each day is a balancing act and some days are easier than others. On the “off” days we cannot beat ourselves up. Instead, we have to count the 2,250 things we did right that day, instead of the 2 things that we did wrong and of course, have a good laugh about it as well!
Share 3 things you did RIGHT today and celebrate them!! Would you share/blog about them now with others?


Having a passion and a life’s purpose is what gives us the energy to get out of bed each morning. As moms, we often forget to identify our passions outside of motherhood. It is important and critical to identify them, own them and cultivate them. My passion has always been writing – I love it, especially writing books. What better way to feed my passion than to write (which I love) about motherhood (which I do) and have humor about it (which saves my sanity). So here I am, like you, trying to feed what gives me energy. I hope you enjoy my mom humor and my take on motherhood. Most of all, whether you are a WHAM (work-at-home-mom) or not, hope you connect to what excited you outside of motherhood. Afterall, I am a just an Indianapolis Mom who is trying to pursue her passion. I hope you do the same. Whatever that might be, CHEERS TO YOU!