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Meet Mary Susan

"Welcome to Mommy Magic! An interactive community of real moms, founded by a real mom, to give support and tips to make the chaos of motherhood easier and more fun! I am Mary Susan, an author, a columnist, a life coach for moms and a I have Mommy Magic TV segment too! Most importantly, I have three beautiful (and very busy) daughters! I am a real mom managing the daily insanity of motherhood just like you!"

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DIY Non-Candy Valentines

Thank you @Fox59 & @RayCortopassi!!!  Your kids are sweet enough…they don’t need more candy! MommyMagic’s Mary Susan shared her ideas for do it yourself Valentine’s Day ideas that are sugar free.



Non Candy Valentine Ideas Can Still Be SWEET!

Please tune in tomorrow to @Fox59 for non candy Valentine’s Day ideas.

I can’t believe it’s time to start thinking about Valentine’s card ideas for kids.  I love the idea that Valentine’s Day can be sweet without the “sugar.”  Try these adorable DIY crafts.  These ideas are low-cost and a healthy alternative for kids.  You can find these items at any grocery and craft store. (Target, Michael’s, Wal-Mart).
  • Put a cutie in a clear bag attach a tag “You’re a Real Cutie Valentine” (photo cred @ Pretty Providence)
  • Use Goldfish as a healthy alternative to candy and sugary treats “So glad we’re in the same school”
  • Raisins are an extremely yummy and healthy candy option for Valentine’s Day. Attach a fun little note and you can feel good that you’re promoting good health! (photo cred
  • It doesn’t get much simpler than Love Stitched’s “You Make My Heart Pop” valentine! Simply affix the printable to a bottle of bubbles, and you’re done!(photo cred. www.popsugar.moms)
  •  Printable Mason Jars for these creepy, crawly Love Bug valentines!  This is a free download on (photo cred
  • Two presses of your thumb create a quick heart that also adds a personal touch to any card.  This is great for grandparents and family members.  (photo cred

Vision Boards

Want to achieve your hopes and dreams in 2018?  Get out the scissors.  Mommy Magic’s Mary Susan shared how vision boards can help your family achieve their goals.


DIY Vision Boards!

Visualize what you want out of 2018 with this easy craft.  It is great to do as a family project.   All you need is your family, old magazines, bulletin board (Amazon has some great deals) and tape/glue.

Here’s how you make your own vision boards…..

1. Put away all phones and other electronics. This is for family bonding. Sit your family down at the kitchen table together to brainstorm.

2. Pass around pencils and paper or even use a white board (for some reason my family likes writing with markers better). Have everyone write down goals for 2018. They could be to raise your spanish grade or improve in golf.

3. Goals can then be written down in different categories like improving health, school, family activities and spreading kindness. Try to write down achievable goals.

4. Next start flipping through magazines, use stickers, browse images on the internet & print them out and you can even use words and phrases from magazines.

5. Build your board. You can do individual boards a family board or both.

6. Share your board. Post in a place you can see your board once a day. You can put individual boards in your bedroom or a family board in the kitchen/ laundry room.

7. Make a game of it to encourage your family to stay on their goals. It’s okay to remind someone to study or to go practice their sport.

8. Have fun!!!


Clean in 2018! All Natural DIY Cleaning Solutions

Thank you @Fox59 and @JillianDeam for letting me share these affordable, all natural, environmentally safe DIY cleaning solutions.

Some of these recipes I learned from my grandmother.  She used to make her own cleaning products and added some major elbow grease to clean her house from top to bottom. I learned from the best.

Here are some of my favorite cleaning recipes:

Scouring Powder

Combine 1 cup baking soda, 1 cup borax, and 1 cup kosher salt in a jar.  Sprinkle on area to be cleaned, wipe with a sponge, and rinse.

Glass Cleaner

Combine 1/4 cup vinegar and 4 cups warm water in a spray bottle.  Use to clean glass or mirrors with a dry cloth or piece of newspaper.

Soap Scum Remover

Sprinkle on baking soda, scrub with a cloth or sponge, and rinse.  Vinegar or kosher salt also work.

Calcium or Lime Remover

For calcium or lime deposits on a chrome faucet, soak a towel in vinegar and wrap it around the faucet.  Let it sit for a couple of hours or overnight.

Clean a Bathtub with Grapefruit and Salt

Halve a grapefruit, sprinkle the top of the grapefruit liberally with salt.  Wet your bathtub and sprinkle the left over salt around the bottom.